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One of the most difficult things to do is change. But, if we were made to change then why not be in control of it. Here at FACT we work on consistent growth through systematic training based on your 100%. We also use our group dynamic to enhance the training. 

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There is no reason why you can't be the athlete that you were born to be. We all have the physiology to grow as humans. It is the principles of fitness FACT will use to enhance your training to become the athlete you've always wanted.

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Starting to train and be coached by Armand and FACT made me the runner I am today.  I considered myself to be a pretty decent runner with a marathon PR of 3:57 (LAM 2016) before FACT.  Upon meeting him and the group he measured my fitness level and explained what proper training would do and what to expect in very understandable terms.  Trusting the process I went for it. Under the guidance of Armand and FACT I now know what real training is and found that my running strength isn’t gained by how many miles I do but by the types of workouts I do.  I am now a 3 time world marathon major qualifier with a marathon PR of 2:53 (Revel Big Bear 2018), 3:07 (Boston 2018) and that is directly due to Coach Armand and my training with FACT. His direct but gentle coaching style pushes me to be a better runner and person.


- Andy Rodemich


Your Greatest Self.


How to become a member of FACT: It is important that you already can run. It would be a waste of time and money to use training as a way to gain fitness. What we do is take your current fitness and enhance it by doing percentage based workouts. Message us for a free testing session. 

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If you desire to become a better runner then FACT is the place for you. Here at FACT we do percentage based training. What this mean for you is, training that is based off your 100%. We do not put athletes into a cookie cutter program. Finding your max and running at different percentages of that max will enhance your fitness and in turn allow you to perform at the right moments that were planned.  

The workouts are based on energy system efficiency which correlates to the percentage of effort for that particular workout. In all we can maximize the time spent running by doing percentage based workouts. 

Here at FACT we work with all types of athletes that are looking to enhance their cardiovascular fitness. We work with boxers, wrestlers, all the way to preparing for firefighter, police and military testing. 

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FACT is the best thing that happened to me in my running life!


Coach Armand is simply the best coach anyone can imagine, with deep passion and experience in the sport. He’s beyond a coach to me; he’s my mentor and trusted friend. He not only taught me the nuances of training principals, but also lessons for life - lessons about consistency, patience and setting long-term goals. 


When I first joined FACT, I had just had my second baby and was in a rush to get back in shape. I was worried about my postpartum weight and my lack of fitness. Coach Armand encouraged me to not focus on the weight, but on running a few miles everyday. I was able to put in a good training cycle and quality for Boston marathon 11 months after I gave birth. 


The other thing I’ve always appreciated Coach Armand is his belief in every single athlete he works with. He doesn’t give special treatments to “fast” people; nor would he ever think you’re a “slow” person. He sees everyone as a unique individual, and tailors his training approach to his/her different physical and mental abilities. He respects all his athletes as whole human beings.


When you join FACT, you’re not just joining a training group. You’re joining another family. The camaraderie you feel can lift you up and naturally brings out your A game. We call each others brothers and sisters in pain, because we are just that. We suffer together, run in the wee hours of the morning, and sweat our hearts out. Training is not glamorous or comfortable, but when we lean on each other, we can go a lot further and faster than on our own. 


Come out and give FACT a try! 


- Jinghuan Liu Tervalon


  Half PR: 1:36

  Marathon PR: 3:23






Our bodies are cellular beings and need to be stressed. It is our opinion that constant training will give the body enough stress to create a positive change. The training needs to be at a certain percentage within certain cycles whether micro or macro. If done correctly you can avoid unnecessary interruptions in your training. Training creates a discipline that can carry into your whole life. 

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